6 Junho 2015      11:54

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For the fifth Open Coffee Alentejo meeting we gathered again in Sines, at Sines Tecnopolo facilities. It was a pleasure to see some of the known faces reappearing! OCA#5 gathered business owners, CEOs and individuals interested in HR, business development, project management, child education, IT, soap and sweets production, hydraulics and knowledge transfer.

Thank you Maria Mercearia for the sponsorship of the sweet part of OCAlentejo. The orange cake was delicious! Pictures by Carla Guiomar.

OCA#5 attendees with a few lines about their businesses or projects:

  • Dominika Trembecka - Lucas: OCA co-host interested in modern, alternative child-oriented education. Dominika looks for partners to work on IT and Knowledge Transfer projects.

  • Vera Rocha: graphic designer, who wants to start own business and waits for funds to be open. Vera looks for ideas and people (especially photographers) to work with.

  • Carla Guiomar: biologist, science teacher, ex worker of water company. Carla's passion is education and creative expression, she wants to  develop a better world by improving child education. She is a part of Rede de Educação Viva.

  • Teresa Pato Ribeiro: works for ZIL aicep Global Parques, which provide optimal real estate options for small and large companies.

  • Monica Brito: CEO of Sines Tecnopolo. Welcomed OCA and thanked for creating the opportunities for creative and interactive meetings between entrepreneurs.

  • Alexandra Gomes: came from Lisbon. Alexandra worked in watches and jewellery businesses, now she moved to HR. Her company promotes temporary work opportunities. Alexandra looks for people to network with and for new clients.

  • Paula Garcia Mendes: owner at Grao da Terra, a business incubated in Sines Tecnopolo. Paula produces handmade soap and recently, through a program "Programa para a Promoção dos Ofícios e das Microempresas Artesanais (PPART)" she became an officially recognised artisan (Unidade Produtiva Artesanal, UPA). Paula looks for partners and universities to collaborate with on samples collection.

  • Ricardo Silva: owner of Panificadora de Santo Andre. Ricardo is currently developing a project that aims to export Pasteis de nata abroad. He is looking for partners and contacts interested in getting inolved. He offers bothe white label and branded deals. His lined-up customers come from Poland and Switzerland. Ricardo wants to expand to China and South Africa.

  • Luciano Lucas: OCA co-host. Luciano is involved in developing modern child education in Alentejo. He is also seeking for IT people and knowledge transfer opportunities.

  • Vitor Costa: has a hydraulic business based in Sines Tecnopolo. Vitor came recently from Angola, where he was for six years.



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